Common requirements, hints & cautions for the practice of Yogasanas

  • The qualities required for an aspirant are discipline, faith and perseverance to practice regularly without interruptions. Regular practice is highly recommended.
  • The place for practicing āsanas must be clean and peaceful.
  • Āsanas should preferably be practiced on an empty stomach. Allow at least four hours after a heavy meal, but one can practice āsanas without any discomfort one hour after a very light meal.
  • Never attempt advanced āsanas without having first evacuated the bowels and bladder.
  • Food may be taken half an hour after completing the āsanas.
  • No undue strain should be felt in the facial muscles, ears, and eyes or in breathing during the practice.
  • Breathing should be done through the nose only but not with the mouth. Do not restrain your breath when you are in the āsana or while holding the posture.
  • No jerks should be given to the body while doing āsanas and never force yourself in any asana.
  • Women should not practice during periods for 3-5 days.
  • Every Saturday, we will be practicing Surya Namaskars, please drink more water on Fridays and Saturdays as they generate more body heat.
  • Please inform the instructor if you have any physical ailments.

If you cannot attend the classes in the time slot allocated to you anymore or if you want to change the timings please inform the organizer or instructor. We will try to allocate a new time slot for you.

Please turn on your cameras while class is going on and mute your microphone after joining the class, please feel free to unmute yourself if you have a question.