Sangeeta Jhari

Sangeeta Jhari (Carnatic Music Appreciation Programme)

With a view to encourage young learner’s of Carnatic Music, monthly programmes are arranged where young talent is showcased. The programme is entitled “Sangeetha Jhari”. Every month young singers would sing to accompaniment of drums and other instruments.

This programme was started in January 2011 and the first anniversary was conducted in Jan 2012. Since then, an anniversary is being conducted in January every year. A noted musician is invited and a lec-dem is arranged on music and learning music.

The programme is being regularyly organized for the last nine years and we completed 108 monthly programmes this year.

Some snapshots of the 9th Anniversary held on 26 Jan., 2020

Pujya Pravrajika Bhavaniprana Mataji, Trustee, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Kolkata and Secretary, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Guntur, graced the occasion and gave a benedictory address.




Some snapshots of the monthly programmes in 2015.

The II anniversary of Sangeetha jhari 19 Jan 2014

Some snapshots from the monthly programmes of 2014

The II anniversary of Sangeetha jhari 20 Jan 2013

Sri Nallanchakravarthula Bucchaiayacharyulu garu graced the occasion and spoke about learning music and its relevance and importance.