A brief Introduction

My name is Kavin, a 4th grade student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. My parents introduced me to Sri Santhosh Polimera and requested me to join to beginner level yoga online classes since October 2020 conducted by Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samithi, Bapatla.

My yoga guru Mr. Santhosh Polimera took special care of me for doing 60+ asanas and perfection in each and every asanas. He never stopped to monitor and correct the postures. He is friendly and flexible in coaching the asanas and their benefits.

Santhosh uncle has also recommended and motivated me to join to yoga demonstrator course based on my performance in regular yoga classes. Without the support from him and other volunteers of the Samithi, I couldn’t have practiced asanas and become yoga demonstrator. I feel confident, focused and dedicated in all my activities after I started practicing yoga. Thanks to my Parents, Santhosh Uncle, Basha Anna, Uday Anna, Samithi organizers and volunteers.