Balavihar – Drawings


Rangoli designs – ముగ్గులు

Rangoli is a Hindu folk art, generally created on a floor on special festive occasions. The origin of this art can be traced to the Puranas (works on Hindu mythology). Simply put, Rangoli means a row of colors.

Our Ex student of Balavihar Mr. Koti John Augustine (BFA) made the following animated Rangoli. Click on the link to see the video and practice on your own.

Rangoli with 3X7X9 dots

Rangoli with 7X7 dots

Rangoli with 2X2 dots

Rangoli with 3X9X3 dots

Rangoli with 3X6 dots

Rangoli with 3X5X6 dots

For more videos on Rangoli designs click on below button to visit the YouTube channel maintained by John Augustine Koti.


Draw the below pictures on white sheet and coloring them as per your choice, Write your name and class on top corner of the drawing sheer . Send them to our mail Id and please keep Email subject as Your name and the class that you are studying now.

Every month in first Sunday Class we will exhibit your drawings.